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Anime Limited are very proud to announce the Third Impact tour coming to the UK in Q4 2013! We're partnering up with our friends in Japan to bring Evangelion 3.0 to the big screen for a limited time only and our friends at Manga UK to bring the first two films back to the big screen along with it as they were intended to be seen. Head over to the site to see the full list of places.
@OfficialEMWE hmm, that actually sounds awesome! The original EVA was way too depressing for me at times. It was hard to stomach, so it sounds like I might like the remakes more. I'm going to check it out :3
I think they managed to keep the mix between the comedy and despair, but the new film remakes aren't as twisted. Mainly due to the new directors taking the franchise in a different direction, which was done to compensate for the emotional stress of the original director that was rubbing off onto the anime and making it ever more depressing. I like what the new directors have done, they kept it true to the original series, but also managed to reinvent the franchise in a sense. Definitely a good watch. :D
@OfficialEMWE awesome I'll check it out. are they more twisted than the original? I liked the mix of humor and complete despair in the first one XD (until the end when it was all despair) xp
I'd say the remakes are a lot better than the original series, but some would obviously disagree with me. I would recommend that you watch this as they are fantastic films, I can't wait for the next one :3
I haven't watched beyond the first EVA. Are the remakes worth a watch? :O