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You had your gaze locked into your computer screen. Today you decided to have a lazy day therefore you were sitting on your bed with your laptop on your lap as you watched some of EXOs videos. You couldn't help but laugh while you watched EXO SHOWTIME or when exo-m went on a Chinese variety show. You noticed how Chen, or jongdae, decided to do some weird stuff like randomly dancing or using green chopsticks as long teeth. In the Chinese variety show you were watching it was at the moment they had to stay up on the lever thing and they couldn't fall off or they finished the mission. You could see the pain in his face which got you to worry. You knew that before he filmed this he was having a hard time with his back, but he told you he was fine so you let it slide. Its been a while since the episode aired but you still worry that it might happen again. You let the video finish and clicked on another video, EXO performing Lucifer at the MAMA Awards. You couldn't help but smile at that. When they were all there, all twelve. You can tell that Chen was having a hard time with work since they practice a new routine almost everyday so that if someone else leaves they know what to do. It broke your heart seeing your boyfriend of 6 years go through that. You saw him going from a trainee into a star. From your Jongdae to Chen. You sighed as the video ended and closed your laptop as it now was actually 11 pm. You put your laptop on the nightstand and turned off your lap and cuddled into the blanket until Jongdae comes home to snuggle with you. You woke up to your alarm going off. You groaned and tried to stretch but you felt a arm around your waist. You turned around and saw Jongdae sleeping peacefully. You turned off the alarm and snuggled into Jongdaes chest. Of he wasn't awake thanks to the alarm he was now "morning beautiful" He whispered as he tightened his grasp around your waist. "morning" you whispered back as you kept your face in his chest. You could feel his heartbeat against your ear and that made you smile. "(Y/N) we need to get up" "five more minutes~" You replied. Jongdae smiles and shook you a little. "Aniyo we have stuff to do" "ANIYA~" You replied as you dug your face into his chest more (as if it was possible) "Ne~ come on sunshine" He said as he let you go and got out of the bed only to go to the window and open the blinds. You let out a shriek and covered your eyes. "Come on your not a vampire (Y/N)" "How would you know?" You mutter "Because vampires are smart!" He replied laughing as he ran away. You jumped out of the had and tried to chase him only to trip over one of his shirts laying on the floor. You now regret the day off you took. You could have cleaned the house but instead you watched videos. You could hear laughing from behind you. You turned your head and Jongdae was holding his stomach while laughing. "Not funny" "Yes it is~" He replied while wiping a tear away. "YAH! Come here you troll!" *END*
I would like to ask if you all could tell me if my wringing is good or not. If not please tell me how I could get better. THANKIES~!!