Who's Your Seventeen Boyfriend? (RESULTS)
heys guys!! so i just got done doing a kpop quiz for SEVENTEEN and to my suprise.... i got.... SEUNGKWANIE!!!
this was actually pretty shocking!! O.O but whatever! he's my favorite sassy potato and i love him so much!!
if u wanna take the quiz for yourself, the link is right here~ http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1077236/who-s-your-seventeen-boyfriend-quiz-seventeen
Wahhh I got exactly 210πŸ˜…! So does that mean I got woozi or dino??I love them both! I love all of seventeen!!!😍😍😍
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@russelroche47 idk i dont remember the scoring thing. either way theyre both very cute!!
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@minimanim3 I know! They are both so cute!!! 😍😍
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