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Part 1 "Best catfish ever!" If you thought that Tao looked good in pictures then him in person is WAY better. Tao is standing there in front of you and Naeun, waiting and looking more and more worried. Suddenly realizing that you haven't said anything. "How did you like the tournament?" He is so nervous and he still has a little sweat on his cheek. "It was really cool, thank you so much for inviting us. Your set was awesome, do you get dizzy spinning like that? "Not really I have gotten used to it over time, and I think it is harder to go against somebody else." A sharp elbow to the ribs reminds me that Naeun is still next to me. "Umm Tao this is my friend Naeun that I have told you about." "Nice to meet you Naeun are you and Y/n going to the the cosplay expo together?" "Yea and we are switiching days like she dress up one day and I do the next." Another awkward pause as Tao began to study my face his eyes hovering at my lips. I give in to the impluse to bite the corner causing him to lick his. "Let's go to lunch so you guys can be weird together." Tao suggested that although we are meeting for the first time it would be best to eat in a more private setting so he brought Naeun and I to his place. We had thought the Instagram pictures were over doing it until we got there! How can he keep all these cars in his garage? How can he have so much?? On second glance he looked away suddenly being all shy and everything. Naeun went to find the bathroom so it was just us. "Why did you choose me or are there other girls?" "You sent me a message on my official instagram telling me about how sad you felt towards your appearence. When I looked at all of your pictures I thought that no woman as beautiful as you should feel that way so I made the second account." "Tao I am a solid 2 maybe a 7 if I make an effort...I mean have you SEEN my thighs or my face?" After this remark his face became hard and he just stared at me while thinking. After about 5 minutes he said. "I know you feel this way now but, please give me the time to show you how the world sees you...how I see you."
Awh, I love it
awwww Tao is a sweety ^^
cool tag me in further ones ok