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You ever notice that - for a majority of moms out there - there's an extremely narrow and predictable aesthetic? There's the Mom jeans, the Mom-style blouses, the Mom accessories, but did you ever notice Mom hair?!
Modeled by reality TV's Kate Gosselin, local female news anchors, and a good three-quarters of 'The View' hosts past and present, mom hair can best be described as a teased, layered, feathered disaster - and it was the subject of this past Saturday's most hilarious SNL sketch.

Oscar darling Brie Larson took on the role of an expecting mom-to-be in a skit that was equal parts hilarity and Hitchcock!

She thought she could have a baby without succumbing to this horrible hair trend, only to find out she was wrong. Very wrong.

In fact, it seems EVERYONE in this skit was rocking mom hair! Work it, Kate McKinnon. Work it.

You can watch the full video above, and to those of you ladies out there, I've got to know:

Could you ever rock this hairstyle someday too?

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@danidee I hope I'm never chosen 馃槶馃槀鉁岋笍
lmao. never. never. never. never.
@petname83 Omg, I don't even like tying my hair back for that reason. My hair is like a security blanket.
@danidee that's gonna be a hard no. if my hair goes above my chin I look like a 12 year old boy. not happening
@DasiaB I'll try my very hardest. :'(
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