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so um I started watching Naruto - "I can't believe you haven't watched Naruto yet" - "you mad late" -"you call yourself an otaku and you haven't even seen Naruto?" Yeah, yeah I get it and to be honest I doubt I'm going to finish it all the way, those are way too many episodes but so far I'm on the 20th episode thoughts so far "Sasuke is cool" "Naruto is eh" "FXCKING SAKURA DO SOMETHING EFFECTIVE FOR ONCE INSTEAD OF JUST STANDING THERE!!!" "I really like the ending song" "I really like that one ost that I don't know the name of (you know the sad one)" so um ... yeah... don't know why I made this post
Eh, there's no shows that "make" or "don't make" you an Otaku imho. As long as you enjoy what you watch D:
Sadness and Sorrow (I think that's the name of the OST you're talking about) and Wind are beautiful! And I'm pretty sure my thoughts aligned with yours at that point! The original series is honestly kinda meh, but I LOVE Shippuden! However, I do recommend that you suffer through original first as Shippuden probably won't make much sense or have as much of an impact if you don't. I hope you stick with it (I also hope you're breaking it up with something else), but if you decide to drop it, it's no big deal and absolutely does not diminish your otaku!
I think I've seen 2 full episodes... don't care if I saw more or not.. only seen 15-20 of one piece, but have like 100 on disk
i have not seen naruto just because i know i wont like it but i have seen hundreds of other animes so i know im otaku without seeing it :)