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That is right.

We knew who was going to be the MVP of this season and it was simply a matter of whether he would become unanimous or not. And I guess I wasn't wrong to predict that there is no other player that could match Curry's performance this season.
So, Curry is now the first player in NBA history to win the award unanimously. Even MJ hasn't achieved that feat.
Even though Curry may be the first player to win the MVP title unanimously in the NBA, there have been two other athletes that have won the award unanimously in their respective sports.

Tom Brady (NFL) in 2010.

And Wayne Gretzky (NHL) in 1982.

And of course, there have been 17 unanimous MVPs in Major League Baseball.

This is a bit surprising considering the fact that writers of baseball consider their job so important that they would never, ever elect anyone unanimously to the Hall of Fame!

Congrats once more to the great Stephen Curry...and I sure am glad to be able to see a great player like you in the NBA!

Well glad to see a Warrior be the first unanimous MVP in basketball!
17 in baseball? Did not expect that.....the writers of the baseball association can't seem to agree on anything unanimously