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I sit on the couch across from my boyfriend. I am so nervous. I swallow hard in hopes to push down the dry feeling in my throat. “Do you really want to do this?” Hoseok asks. I nod instantly and respond. “Yes I want to. I’ just never have done anything like this.” Hoseok smiles and tilts his head to the side and looks straight into my eyes. He scoots closer to me so that our knees are touching. Hoseok leans in and presses his lips to mine. This I am used to. The pressure of his soft lips on mine is all familiar to me. I close my eyes and instantly relax. But there’s definitely something about this kiss that is different. I can feel Hoseok’s hot breath against my lips. With each growing second his breath comes faster and is forced out harder. I bravely reach out and tangle my fingers in his hair. I feel Hoseok’s lips vibrating against mine as a sound is caught in his throat. He’s moaning. I think to myself my whole body raising a degree in temperature. Suddenly Hoseok tears his lips from mine and leans back against the couch his chest rising and falling rapidly. Oh what I would do to be able to hear his sweet sounds of pleasure. Just then I am submerged under a sea of sadness. Instantly becoming insecure and heart broken. Yes. Oh what I would do. Reading the sudden shift in my body language Hoseok quickly takes my chin in between his thumb and pointer finger forcing me to look at him. Using one hand to speak he signs, “What is the matter?” Oh Hoseok I think to myself. You are so good to me. I force the tears threatening to fall back behind my eyes blinking rapidly. I raise my hands so that he can see my response. “I can’t hear you Hoseok.....” “You don’t need to hear me. Focus on everything else but that. Here focus here.” Hoseok quickly answers and takes my right hand flattening it again this chest. His heart rate is racing. “You do this to me. And only you.” He signs to me. I cave under his gaze no longer able to hide my deep thirst for him. I clumsily crawl into his lap facing him my thighs on either side of his. I feel his body tense under mine and a hard pressure grows under me. Instinctively I look down to where it is coming from and blush immediately. “My penis is hard. I’m sorry. Wasn’t expecting you to do that.” He signs a quick apology. I take a deep breath and lift my head so that my gaze can interlock with his. It feels good though. I squirm and fidget on top of this hardness between my thighs. Instinctively I start to buck my hips the new feeling of his pressure rubbing against my woman parts. Hoseok’s face is relaxed but he throws his head back. His mouth is slightly open and his chest rises and falls in slow deep movement. He’s so beautiful. I bite my lip and buck my hips faster and deeper into his and soon Hoseok’s own hips are bucking against mine. I start to breathe fast as my clit craves this new and sencitve pressure from Hoseok’s manhood. The muscles in my tummy begin to tighten and I can feel the flowing wetness in my panties. I bite down on my lip harder when I feel his strong hands grab my hips as he bucks his hips in tune with mine. As I go down his hips buck upward pressing himself against me rolling his hips in between mine. Hoseok opens his eyes and I become hot as I see how dark and needy they are. He reaches one of his hands from my hip to grab my breast instead. My body instantly reacts sending a sensitive pleasure through my skin. What is happening to me? I think to myself as the tightness deep down becomes almost too pleasurable to endure. Just then I dig my nails into Hoseok’s chest as my folds pulse in a violent manner. I look down at him but he is already staring at my his breath coming much faster now. “You just came in my lap. I wanted you to cum around me.” He signs to me his breath jagid. My face burns at Hoseok’s playful message. Hoseok continues to grind against me and I moan as I feel his hardness grind on me again. I raise my hand and gently wrap it around his neck. I can feel his throat vibrating and his Adam’s Apple constantly moves up and down as he grunts with pleasure. My whole body shivers in an addicting electrifying heat. Wrapping his arms around my thighs Hoseok stands up and carries me to the bedroom. I hold his face in my hands kissing and biting his neck and jawline craving the taste of his skin. He tilts his head back and I watch as his mouth opens. Once we get to the bedroom Hoseok lays me down on the bed. I look up at him and he pauses and stares down at me. I wrap my arms around his neck and nod slowly signaling him to continue. He lays neck to me his hardness pressed to my thigh as he kisses me roughly and deeply. I sigh out into his mouth and lose my fingers in his hair. The corner of his lips lift up as he growls in pleasure. Bravely I lift my hand and slip it in his pants to rub his hardness. He lowers his head into my neck and moans. I can tilt my head back as I feel his breath hot and rapid on my skin. I take Hoseok out of his jeans and start to stroke him in my hand. In reaction he bites down on my neck and humps my hand. He wraps one of his legs around mine to hump into my hand deeper. Moving my hand away from his penis he lifts my dress up and tosses it on the floor. Trailing his fingertips on my skin he starts at my navel and slowly makes his way up. I lay my head back as he slips his fingers under my bra and rubs my breasts. I moan as my nipples harden under his palms. Unhooking my bra he slides it off and looks up at me. I swallow in a heated anticipation as his hungry eyes lock with mine. Leaning down Hoseok licks my hard nipple with pinching the other one. I arch my back as my wetness runs down my thighs and onto the bed. I take in a quick breath as I feel his strong fingers slip into my panties and slide into my folds. He bites my nipple and groans against my skin violently as he starts to hump my leg. He lifts his hand and says. “You are so wet. I just want to be inside you.” I moan as his hard penis grinds against my thigh. I lift my hand and reply to him. “Then make love to me Hoseok.” “Are you sure?” He asks me again. I lift my head and press my lips to his and smile against them. Hoseok slowly takes off the remainder of our clothes and hover over me looking down at me. Taking a condom from his jeans pocket he tears the foil and rolls the condom down on his hard penis. Reaching down he holds his penis and guides it slowly into my folds. I wince and grip the sheets. Hoseok pulls out and asks. “Did I hurt you?” “Yes.” I reply. “But keep going.” Hoseok leans down kissing me tenderly as he tries again. Guiding his penis into my vagina again I wrap my legs around his waist trying to open myself up. I wince hard and slowly Hoseok starts to move. Once I get used to his side Hoseok feels so good. The pain is gone and in its place is pure pleasure. Hearing me moan Hoseok takes it as a sign and moves faster and keeper. I dig my nails into his back and bite his shoulder as I moan against his skin. Hoseok lays his full body weight and grips the sheets next to my head and he starts to hump me. I bite him harder and I feel his moan vibrate in his throat against my neck. I feel the sweet clench in my lower abdomen as my folds violently pulse and tighten around him. I feel Hoseok yell something against my skin and my breath is heavy and hot. “Ah fuck baby. It feels so good when you cum around me.” He signs to me. I blush deeply and kiss him when he presses his lips to mine. “I’m going to cum.” He signs humping me faster and harder until he stills and a new heat rises inside me. With our bodies hot and sweaty Hoseok slowly pulls out of me. He leaves the room taking the condom off as he does and returns with a warm wet wash cloth. He stands on his knees in front of me and opens my legs slowly. He reaches down and starts to clean me. “You are bleeding. I am cleaning you up.” h e says to me. I blush and close my legs sitting up quickly. He leans over and kisses me deeply. “Lay back baby. I need to clean you up. It’s ok you will bleed the first time. It’s ok.” He signs. I lay back and open my legs for him. Once he cleans me up he tosses it in the dirty hamper and crawls into the bed neck to me. He pulls me ontop of him and holds me close to his body. He lowers his hand so I can see him say “I love you.” I lift my head and smile widely saying “I love you too.”