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I know that in family pictures or certain holidays you might plan to match with family, friends, and lovers, but what about just a regular day?

Especially in Asian countries like China, Japan, and Korea, matching clothes is the norm for a lot of young couples.

Some go for the more subtle look that could have just happened by pure chance.

Others go ALL IN and match 100%!

This is the most subtle I think since the only thing really really matchy is their shoes.

Personally, I'd feel like my mom dressed me and my twin the same or something. I think it could be cute if you go to a theme park or something, but for everyday life I will have to pass.

What do you guys think about couple clothes? Would or you HAVE you worn it?!

I feel like I see it so often with Korean fashion posts that I'm totally immune to it. Doesn't seem too odd to me :)
My husband and I never wear identical pieces like the couples in the pics, but a lot of the time we try to match colors and styles which I think is kind of fun.
here is so popular and common that you don't feel bad to do it. I like it and it's cute, I don't like full on, maybe just shirt color and pattern etc
i think it's really cute to do once in a while, but not everyday haha i would also probably just do matching shirts or something like that
@sophiamor yea!!! I think it's really cute because it's like a really subtle thing that only you two might know but you can be proud about it if someone asks. it's like a little secret~ >~<
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