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Guys This is my first so please bare with me.
- [ ] Mark was on stage at one of Got7's performances. He looks over doing their performance of confession song and is watching Jackson do his part. He is mesmerized at how the sweat runs down his body and how he looks when he's rapping. Mark starts to think of everything he feels for Jackson. He smiles and then starts to rap his own verse. Jackson is looking at him and smiling, he loves Mark so much. That's his baby. Jackson walks over to Mark and hugs him from behind. Mark jumps of being scared and his whole face turns blood red! He then turns and jumps on Jackson's back. The fans are screaming of these cute Markson moments! They love them so much! The show finally ends and Mark and Jackson go back to their dorm that they share! "Mark you have done such a great job tonight!", Jackson reluctantly says. Mark doesn't do anything and walks away with his head kind of down. He is afraid to tell him how he feels and how he react. Jackson immediately runs after him and yells," Mark don't leave I love you!" Mark turns around and runs back to Jackson and says,"I love you too! I am in love with you!" Jackson wraps his arms around him and kisses his forehead and then softly pecks his lips, but Mark has other plans he crashes his lips hard onto Jackson and kisses him with heartfelt passion!
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Well damn mark, calm yo tits
@Kitty17 thank you so much. I really appreciate this. πŸ’™πŸ˜˜
Really good! Grammar and dialogue can always be improved but for a first its really good!