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How Cats Show Their Love, I Guess.

I feel like, if cats could talk and easily swipe through rope, this situation would be 100% plausible.

Cats are evil, you guys. Cat owners, do you agree?

I love cats. I've met more jerky cats than civil ones but they're all so cute!!
lol I'm glad that my cats aren't like regular cats :p They are the neediest and most affectionate cats in the world
I have five cats and they are all scardy cats, like the slightest noise scares them. I have faith that my cats would not be so cruel, but if they could talk I feel like they would start talking about all the weird stuff I do.
no :c the 100% situation should really be like 70%. I've had so many adorable nice cuddly cats, even if rarely they were moody
Ha ha love kitties !!
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