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I feel like, if cats could talk and easily swipe through rope, this situation would be 100% plausible.

Cats are evil, you guys. Cat owners, do you agree?

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like right now, Tinkerbutt refuses to lay on my lap.....he wants to lay lengthwise on my left side with his head under my chin and his paw on my mouth.....I've tried to move him 3 times but he twists his body and shoves his head under my chin......lol....can you say "spoiled flipping rotten?" lol.
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lol I'm glad that my cats aren't like regular cats :p They are the neediest and most affectionate cats in the world
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no :c the 100% situation should really be like 70%. I've had so many adorable nice cuddly cats, even if rarely they were moody
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cats are the tough love we all need
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I wouldn't surprised if my cat did that 馃槀
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