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Monsta X Comeback Photo Teasers Part 2 😍

OT7 Comeback Photo Teaser!

Oh My... Look at that stare...

Wonho?! Hello... are you staring into my soul Lol

Aaah... This guy kills me... ^^

Btw Wonho knocked out... He falls asleep standing up and with chest flashing (; lol

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@IsoldaPazo Lol Todavia te faltan Las que hacabo de poner 😜
2 years ago·Reply
@MonAnnahiX Dios mío porque me torturas...ya sólo existe mi cuerpo ni alma tengo
2 years ago·Reply
@IsoldaPazo Sorry haha blame it on Starship and Monsta X jaja Pero andamos iguales!
2 years ago·Reply
@MonAnnahiX yay por no menos no estoy sola
2 years ago·Reply
*Comes back to life then sees this* O.O ........ *dies again*
2 years ago·Reply