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Hello, Hello peoples! Today looked like a good day to let out the second teaser to Diamonds. This will be the last one for a while so I can end Ice Princess and get ready for the Diamonds deadline.
Hope you enjoy this Teaser!!
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The sky lit up brightly as the lightening set off an electrical charge that made Nanami jump slightly. Thunder cracked viciously above their heads, and none of them dared to even breath as the rain fell with deafening thuds on the ground around them. How it had come to this, Nanami wasn’t sure. This wasn’t supposed to happen. The tears welled up in her eyes and she, for the first time that night, was thankful for the cover of the rain that soaked her down to her core.
She should have stayed away. She shouldn’t have baited the sleeping tiger. This was all her fault, and now she was going to break all that Jin was. She was going to watch with her last breath as he broke and all she could hope for was that she would be dead before she could see the heartbroken look on his face.
Nanami attempted to swallow but winced animatedly as she felt his fist tighten around her throat. Her voice was long gone and even though she wanted to tell him to forget about her and go, she wouldn’t be able to. She tried not to react as he slowly cut off her air supply, if she did…. She knew he would react, and that was the last thing she wanted right now.
The look of hatred and determination in his eyes was enough to send a chill down her spine. She had never seen Jin like this, but then again… she never thought she would see Jin holding a riffle either. The long cold piece of metal sat in his white knuckled grip as he pointed it in her direction. The sight had broken her heart, but she didn’t have the right to have any kind of feeling towards it… she had caused it. She had all but put the gun in his hands and told him to pull the trigger.
Jin’s face was a blank slate. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking at all and that honestly worried her. Nanami silently assessed her surroundings trying to make some kind of escape plan for her and Jin but her thoughts were cut short by an icy voice. “Let her go.” Jin’s voice was nothing more than a growl that resonated from his chest.
“Let her go?” An amused voice asked before the sound of booming laughter could be heard. With every shake of the man’s body his grip would tighten slightly around her throat. “She belongs to me boy. Now go run along and play idol with your friends. We grown folk have adult matters to discuss.” He pulled her along by the neck as he turned to walk away. Nanami silently pleaded that Jin would just leave. She had dealt with Rick before and she would be able to do it again, but if he was hurt she would never be able to live with herself.
“I SAID LET HER GO!” The sound of a gun shot rang out in the small space and Nanami flinched. Jin sounded angry and she was betting that he was only giving Rick a warning shot. ‘Go Home’ She pleaded to him with her eyes.
Rick smirked and turned to face Jin. “You want her that badly?” Nanami wasn’t able to hide the pain and fear that crossed her face as he tightened his grip and lifted her off the ground by her throat alone. Her finger nails scratched desperately at Rick’s arm trying to pry his hand away so she could breathe. “Put the gun down boy, or little miss sunshine here ends up with a broken neck.” He clicked his tongue at turned to look at Jin. “She is no use to either of us dead.”
Jin’s breath hitched but he knew better than to give in to Rick. If he did, Rick would only take Nanami and beat her, he would practically kill her, then force her to work with him again. Jin knew that Rick would use his safety as a way to keep Nanami under his thumb, and Jin wasn’t willing to live everyday knowing she had given away her freedom for his own life.
Nanami’s fighting became slower as her lack of oxygen slowly plunged her into darkness. She faintly remembered Jin calling her name before she heard the gun ring out and felt a sharp pain in her leg. The pain wasn’t even enough to keep the darkness at bay… everything went dark with a scream from Jin, “Nanami! Hold on!”
Ooo... It's going down this season... Anyone other than @Sailynn threatening to take their frustrations out on me right now? I hope you all look forward to the release of Diamonds are Forever. This season is going to be bigger, better, and filled with more feels than Diamonds season one.
Anyways... Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it! Let me know about tags as always!!
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Why do I find Jin sexy as fuck holding a rifle! Damn this bad boy fixation! lol😉
Oh my! I can't wait to see what you have in store!!!!!!
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@Sailynn lmao it's not that bad! lol