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So I admit I loved writing this part! I've posted part of this part and shared it multiple place just cause admittedly the conversation that took place with Panda's and wolfs actually stemmed from a talk with a friend that was utterly hilarious. Hope it makes you laugh!
The people in front of us were talking and in their own world while Trinity and I were mumbling under our breath the lyrics. Trinity in Korean and I in English. When the song ended I pulled the ear bud out of my ear. “I’m done. I need a break” I told Trinity handing it back to her. “Oh hey people showed up” I said seeing the seats filled in. The two guys looked back at us. They looked vaguely familiar but I couldn’t place it. “HI” I said a little to chipper. “Do you not speak Korean?” the guy asked in front of us making me look at him. I made a noise close to a snort. “I’d butcher your language if I did” I stated. “It not that hard” another of the guys said. “Oh really, give me a sentence and I can prove you wrong” I told him. “Oh Ari this isn’t going to turn out like that drinking line is it. We both know you screwed yourself over and walked a straight line.” Trinity pointed out. “That was amazing and you know it” I pointed out “What were the chances you would say ‘you could do it but couldn’t walk it’ and than did.” she said. “I attempted it” I said laughing. “I did too.” she said. “I just, formed my own line” she admitted. The two guys in front of us laughed. “I give you sentence, you try?” the blonde said making me nod. “Why not, I’ll try, if it doesn’t come out right, well, I told you” I shrugged at the end of my sentence which got a laugh out of him. “Say something easy” “ Swuin il” he said making me stare at him. “Excuse me?” I asked. “Swuin il” he said again. “Okay, think I can do this. Swun in” I tried. He stared and than burst out laughing. “I told you. I couldn’t do it” I told him. “Ok Ok. Try this instead. Nan eojjeol suga eopseo” blonde said to me. “I can’t help it” I said after a moment as I translated it into english. “Ari, no, you can’t just translate it into english” trinity said “Than you say it. I’m the one that doesn’t speak it, just translates, you speak it” I told her making her laugh. “Wait, wait wait” the blonde said. “So you know the words but you can not say them?” he asked. “That’s what I said” I said with a shrug. “Although she can say it” I added pointing to trinity. Who in fact did just that, and because those words were in a song she sang part of Run by BTS. The guy was impressed. “So are you guys flying back home?” trinity asked. At that moment the two people in the seat in front of theirs turned and started filming the guys. “Introduce yourself. English only” the guy said. The two guys in front of us proceeded to introduce themselves as Suga and Rap monsta, in the middle aisles there was four more in their group. “Hey I recognize some of those names” I said looking over at Trinity. The blank look on her face told me something was up. “What is it?” I asked. She started gripping my arm and than starting jumping in her seat. “Omg omg omg Arianna” her voice was a loud whisper getting higher and higher until she said my name. “That’s BTS” she said. I couldn’t help it, I burst out laughing. There was no stopping the laughter that bubbled up inside me. “Ari” she whispered hesitantly. “It’s not funny.” “Yes, Trin, yes it is” I said in between laughing. By this time Panther was looking over at me and suga and rap monsta were looking at us. “I’m so sorry” I said in between gasps trying to control my laughter. “Are you okay?” Rap monsta questioned. All I could do was nod. He continued to stare at me until I was finished and able to talk. “She just realized who guys were” I pointed to Trinity. His gaze went over to her. “Are you fans?” he questioned both of us. “YES” Trinity barked out. “I see” he grinned than looked ahead of him to the rest of his group. “We won’t be a problem, Be happy I have her locked into that window seat” I told him making both guys look back at us. “Hey value the small things” I told him which made him laugh. “Now, on to a serious question.” I stared at him. Finally after a long pause I smiled as I spoke. “Panda’s or wolves?” I asked. I hadn’t been able to do it with a straight face. “What?’ he questioned. “Do you like Panda’s or wolves? And to be warned we have already agreed that a panda would not eat Trinity, but a wolf might” I pointed out. “When did we point out a wolf would eat me? You just the panda would” Trinity sounded panicked for a second. I shrugged. “Well panther said a panda wouldn’t since it’s a herbivore and probably only eats bamboo. So the wolf would eat you instead” I told her. “Why can’t it eat you? You have more meat on you” she said gesturing to me. “That is true. But see I’m going to climb up a tree so it can’t get me” I told her than looked at the guy. “And he’ll probably just, well maybe outrun you” I stated making all of us laugh. “I can run fast” Rap monsta said. “I would throw suga at the wolf first, to slow it down” he added. “Hey” Suga joined in. “What, I would” Rap monsta said. “Can I call you RM, So much faster than saying rap monsta?” I questioned randomly. ‘Na i’m just going to. Anyway that’ll help Trinity. The wolf will be busy eating him” I pointed out. “No, I’ll sacrifice myself so he can run” Trinity said. “Why not shoot it?” suga pointed out. “Why would you harm a poor defenseless animal?” I cried out than burst out laughing. “Ari” Trinity started. “A wolf is not defenseless or innocent” She pointed out. “I know. He just brought a gun into the equation though. How the hell are you going to fight that. Hell either way I’m up in a tree where nobody can get me” I said. “How wrong you are. A bullet can go up you know” suga stated with an evil laugh. I took a deep breath in. “You would kill me?” I questioned. “What, no, who said that?” he looked startled. “You did, you just said a bullet can go up” I pointed at him. “I did not mean to shoot you” his eyes were wide now. “Okay okay thank you for not killing me” I said. “Well in this weird crazy scenario that a wolf is after us.” I looked at Trinity. “How did we get here from what is better a panda or wolf?” I questioned utterly confused. “You did this Ari, it was all you” she said. “Oh, Okay, well that’s normal” I laughed. “Hey, was it panda or wolf?” I asked RM. “Wolf” he said instantly. Suga stared at us. “Panda” he stated with a grin. “Yes, another panda” I said than high fived him. “Trin we win!” I added.
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Ari is just too funny!!😂😂😂 I love it!!❤❤
@SugaOnTop. omg thank you! that was totally the reaction I wanted from this.
I was laughing the whole time. I even have a few tears
Very fun, please tag me.
It's pretty cute so far ☺