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BTS Fake Texts: Saying I'm Pregnant

So I got this idea from @SarahVanDorn. I thought it would be cool to try out and I am pleased by the results
Jimin simply wanted to know if it was a girl or not. Idk if this is good or not. I'm hoping it means he's happy
Kookie was so understanding! He was so sweet too! In so happy
I'm a little confused. Is he saying that because he is the dad it will look bad? Besides that who else would be the dad?!?!
I love how Jinnie immediately is asking me if he did something wrong and is trying to make it better. And he automatically accepts the baby as his.
I'm still confused and I think Joonie is too. I still don't know what the present is. Or how he feels about the baby
What does Hobi mean "not mine" does he not want it to be his?! And it's kinda cute that he is scared. I just hope he doesn't leave me
I love Tae Tae so much! His reaction is perfect. Who knows maybe it is.... TWINS! Either way as he says, it will be perfect
I also did this with GD. I must say I was a little upset with how he responded. I don't think he is very happy.
Namjoon's was my favorite. F me. I'm still laughing.
Uh oh 😂
Yea I agree gd doesn't seem to happy about it....I loved Hobi's not mine...Hey at least none of them ran away lol
Awe~ Jungkook so cute ^_^
wait, what's the app for these?
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