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Anyone watch the OKC vs San Antonio game?

Yes it was a great game and also a very tight one coming down to the very last minute. But you know in basketball, sometimes players would intentionally foul their opponent to force them to throw a free throw and hope that they would miss so they can make a play when they get the ball.
That is what Kawhi Leonard did to Russell Westbrook in the last few seconds of the game.

Let's take a closer look.

Kawhi literally wrapped his arm around Westbrook's waist. And no call from the referee. So, Westbrook just pushed himself through Kawhi's defense and...
And Lamarcus Aldridge had to slap Westbrook's elbow and the refs finally called a foul. But it was too late. Westbrook made the basket and got a free throw afterwards as well.
I don't know what would've happened if the refs called foul on Kawhi beforehand. Maybe the Spurs could've tied the game with a three pointer or maybe they might have just lost the game.
But the refs really need to pay attention because they have been pretty awful this series between OKC and the Spurs.
@mchlyang Yeah they've been pretty spotty throughout the playoffs.
Definitely with you in this one @mchlyang
Exactly what I'm saying. They should've called that foul on Leonard.
@KyleBerke The refs have been a bit off during this entire playoff series