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You don't talk about the rules, but you're still interested in knowing what goes on in Fight Club. More importantly, the motifs the two main bad boys have when confronted with selfishness about consumerism and their quest for enlightenment, and the many actions of Project Mayhem. This week's Which Character involves a cult classic, based on the novel and would later turn into a film adaptation. More importantly, two badass men each with their own set of norms. So let's get on with it, shall we?
Tyler Durden
Tyler set forth into a social program by attacking consumerism, popular culture, and capitalism, while preaching about how to go beyond one's own abilities and beliefs. He is a rude dude with the occasional politeness, and his practice in Anarcho-Primitivism, and Buddhism shows him as an individual with integrity. While he is part of a split personality and a figure of the Narrator's psyche, he is no doubt a man who helps bring order and peace by wrecking havoc on those who inflict misery on the poor and working class who always wanted to do something with their lives. In Tyler We Trust.
The Narrator
The man with no name (Joe or jack) is a slave to the Ikea nesting instinct. Moreover, a victim of consumerism and everyman of society, doing whatever people throw at him. This is his life, and, with chronic insomnia and depression, ends one minute at a time. He is, however, a man with a heart and will help those people like Marla and Bob fulfill their needs. The Narrator changes when Project Mayhem goes out of control and becomes self-deluded by Tyler's orders. When too much is too much, He wants everything he ever wanted back to normal. While harsh and boring at first, The Narrator can be a typical man of support and acceptance.
Which movie character represents you the most?
It would be good to add Spoler Alert in the title for people who haven't watched this masterpiece yet. That little twist you gave away spoils the whole experience. :)
The Narrator wishing to be Tyler!