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My friend just had a random guy on the street walk up to her and ask for her number. I feel like this is getting less and less common, but maybe I'm wrong.

How easily do you give out your number?

For me - I just gave my boyfriend my number about 6 months into our relationship cause I had to go to the hospital and he needed it lol. I really don't use my phone anyway.

I'd probably say no unless we had had a genuine conversation and from there we were interested. If it was just some random on the thanks.

Has someone ever asked for your number on the street?

How would you react to that?!

Or better you think there is a not-creepy way of asking for someone's number sort of randomly?
Ugh I hate hate hate this! I did exchange business cards with a guy I met in a cafe once but that was because we worked in the same field and he was interested in collaborating professionally haha networking NOT dating!
@ShinigamiSan yeah i can see giving your number out after you know someone...i just really dont get how people can give numbers to random strangers!!!
My gf just kinda gave me her number because she wanted to hear my voice... so yeah. I don't ask, and I have to know you in pretty well to give you my number.
I have been asked by a some random guy(beyond older than me) while I was walking home from school. Luck was on my side because one of my friends was walking by. I grabbed my friends arm said I couldn't give my number and walked home with my friend that just went with the whole thing no questions asked.
it was this one guy who volunteered at a comic con me and my friend went to and he wanted my friend's skype or any way he can communicate to her. It was awkward because they both looked at me like they wanted me to be their gateway for communication with my phone and Skype so I went Silent
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