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My friend just had a random guy on the street walk up to her and ask for her number. I feel like this is getting less and less common, but maybe I'm wrong.

How easily do you give out your number?

For me - I just gave my boyfriend my number about 6 months into our relationship cause I had to go to the hospital and he needed it lol. I really don't use my phone anyway.

I'd probably say no unless we had had a genuine conversation and from there we were interested. If it was just some random on the thanks.

Has someone ever asked for your number on the street?

How would you react to that?!

Or better you think there is a not-creepy way of asking for someone's number sort of randomly?
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@Arellano1052 ah yeah i'm always thankful when my phone isnt out and i can say i dont have one haha
No stranger has asked me for my phone #, if I got asked I would say " no"
Umm.... I would stare and ask if they were joking. I'm sorta flexible tho so I would probably see where it would lead to and say yes.
Nope, I actually find that a bit creepy. But then I find a lot of the dating rituals creepy nowadays. Guess I'm just old-fashioned.
it has happened to me. most times, I just say next time, or you'll see me again. if they insist I "take" their number and they never hear from me... mwahahaaa