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Lay on Go Fighting: The Best Thing Ever!
So as many of you know Lay is a member of the Chinese game show Go Fighting! The members have to complete various missions to win the race and it always involves them getting into hilarious situations that leave us in tears....and I think I should have started watching this earlier cause I was missing out on A LOT. I noticed that this was not the Lay that SM had often portrayed to us.....this Lay or should I say Zhang Yixing was not only innocent and spacey, but also very open, bright, and mischievous 😁😁😁 There are soooo many reasons that you HAVE to watch it...

Lay in suits and other cute outfits...😍😍😍

To rather questionable attires...

You will be living in Absville...😍😍😍

Lay being the cute and innocent baby that he is...

Lay being confused and spacey...

Lay completely losing it...

Half the time cringing at the situations they put him in...

Revealing to the world his obsession...

But....the one thing I LOVE the most is Lay's laugh

I have never seen him be this open...although the members say he is mischievous he has aways been reserved when he comes on shows, but we got to see the reality show king Yixing again XD
He looks like he's having so much fun!!😍😍
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I love him in this show. Not only is he mischievous, but he also stays true in his beliefs. So when in some instances when the other guys take advantage of that, I kinda cry for Yixing.
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I banged watched this show and cried when he did laughed when he did and scratched my head cause sometimes you just wanted to scream at him and then he surprised the hell out of you in a way where you're like ......well dam
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