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Hey guys! It's been awhile! I'm super busy with college and I'm going back to NC for vacation this summer to see my friends and family 馃榿 Anyways I wanted to tell anyone up here to follow my friend and I's shared vine account! I just figured out how to do edits 馃槄 But we have some okay stuff up there and would love the support! Our username is ~Aslana&Alora~ Alora is my pseudo name that I use, and anything I post is signed. 馃榿
ALSO! My friend Aslana just recently got into Secenteen! Her bias is Jeonghan!! I'm also just starting to really get into them as well. So shoutout to Carats!!
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@aliendestina Really??? That's awesome!
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@AndreaHamilton it's his hair and his cuteness and he looks innocent or is he... lol and he's just perfect mwa~
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@aliendestina yaaaassss that's exactly what my friend Aslana says!! I'll do a special vine edit of Jeonghan for you guys and I'll post it here as well :)
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@AndreaHamilton yay!!! thank you!!!
2 years agoReply @aliendestina I did this really quickly since I have to go to college soon. I hope you like it!!!
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