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Part 1 Part 2 Warning: Because this is a Jay Park fanfic be prepared for profanity. Jay has been acting really strange. I had never noticed this before, I mean we are pretty close he just has never told me where we stand. It's been a month since he waited all night for me and I can't get that image of him out of my mind. He looked so confused and desperate...When does he ever look that desperate? Out of a mixture of pity and embarrassment I gave him my door code just for emergencies. Unfortunately my roommates have had enough of seeing him every. Single. Saturday. "Y/n the girls chose me to talk to you about Jay...What is with you guys? He visits too much I mean he just finished a tour and he waited outside all night-- "I know that Eun-Sang I don't get it either he must see something in me but he hasn't talked to me about anything." "Hmmm we have to force him into admitting his feelings or lack of feelings. For your sake and his." Wait MY sake? Eun-Sang was just talking matter of factually like as if I had feelings for Jay. Jay Park with his beautiful smile and his arms that wrap me in the warmest of hugs. Oh shit. "Well so what if I do?!? He may seem like an open book but he has so many walls up!" "Then let's break them down!" ~~ The next night ~~ Okay tonight's the night Jay exposes himself to me emotionally hopefully physically too. Eun-Sang has everything set up even the AOMG people are in agreement that Jay needs to get past his fear. I really need this too go well or else who knows what working here will be like? Whelp there is no other time like the present. “Jay how do I look for an adventure in Seoul's famous nightlife?” “Who are you wearing that for?” (picture 3) “I don’t know yet but, who cares it's just a crop top and heels.” “Yea and your ass is to the world in those pants like is THAT how you wanna get attention?” “Jay what does---” “At least change your shoes! Just uggh please Y/n don’t go out looking like that.” “JAY WHAT DOES IT MATTER? Am I your employee, friend or- or something more just tell me!” He answers by not answering. He just stares and the room is in a deathly silent haze as Jay holds back tears. “Y/n” “Look Jay I know this is hard for you but you need to tell me the truth. No matter what I will be a text away no matter what.” With that I turned and left to give him some space. After a little while I texted him with the address of the restaurant where Eun-Sang and I were eating. Soon enough Jay walks in with a much calmer state if mind. “Hey look Y/n I’m sorry for how I acted it’s just that I care about you so much and I-heh I guess I just want you all to myself.” He licked his lips and just when he moved in for a kiss we heard some random guy call me a dirty foreigner. (pictures 1 and 2) “Excuse me bitch? Why are you talkin to my girl like that?”
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This was so short 😭
I understand and it's okay no worries I will still be here waiting for the updates once you are done with finals
Jay said excuse me b....! I can't!! ❤️✌️
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