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Seriously, just warning you.

But then again, what service dog story DOESN'T make me cry?!

Meet Presley (dog) and Seph (human).

Seph is a 14-year-old middle schooler in Louisiana who is living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (meaning his muscles grow progressively weaker as he ages).
To help him through everyday life, he has Presley, his service dog. If Ware loses his balance or drops anything, Presley is there to help!
She has been by her human’s side for over three years and attends his classes at Good Hope Middle School.

Because of this, all of the students and staff know Presley.

"She's part of our student body,” explained Sonya Hogg, a yearbook adviser at the school.

“If we're going to put everybody in our school in the yearbook, then Presley needs to be in the yearbook,” Hogg told TODAY.

Glad to see that this awesome service dog got the recognition she deserves!

I hope that she gets rewarded at graduation too. She's been going to school every day for three years!

Have any of you met, used, or trained a service dog?

my boss's son has one because he has extreme cerebral palsy.. best behaved dog ever I swear
Training now to certify mine as a cardiac alert dog, which takes extra training aside from the service certs. Arthur Fonzarelli is my constant companion. He trained as a therapy dog and started alerting on his own everytime I went into SVT, so now we're training for his accreditation. This story did make me cry!! ♡♡♡
I thought this was gonna be a sad story just saying
@RiggaFoster wow! its amazing how perceptive dogs are - glad you have such an awesome girl by your side!
@RiggaFoster - I know that :)
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