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It's Day 3 of the 12 Days of EXO Community Challenge and while I might be off to a late start (adulting ughh) but here is my 1st Chenderella card. One of my favorite things about Chen is how effortlessly stylish he is. He can pull off just about anything and this boy knows what works for him. What guy can pull off a clutch and look so fine? Like really. EXO kills the airport fashion scene as a whole but I think Chen works his fashion the most. Let's check out some of his finest looks, shall we?
Look at how he rocks that clutch featuring Xiumin's sexy self.
Flawless. Simply flawless. Who doesn't love a man who knows how to dress well? Keep doing what you do, boo.
OH.. .MY....LORD....*starts crawling on knees gasping for air*
They one with him and the bear!!! I actually went "awwwww" out loud 😹
and people say they can't dress I beg to differ
@Tigerlily84 right?? He's so cute sometimes it hurts! 😂
Chenchen !!