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Ah, the internet has everything now, doesn't it?

Kayako and Toshio (the mom and son duo from the Japanese horror movie "The Grudge") have their own Instagram account and it is superb.
((You can follow their Instagram HERE!))

The pair's life is a lot brighter now that they're out of that nasty, scary Grudge house!

They're just a normal family taking bus trips...

Playing outside...

Spending afternoons in the park...

Snacking and chilling out in the house...

Having picnics...

Being late for school...

And just goofing around!

Proof that it doesn't matter who (or what) your parents are, it only matters how much they love you!

@atmi i'd hope they're talking normally cause that noise gives me the creeps hahaha
are they talk to each other like normal or they make that creepy sound like in the grudge movies to communicate? actually his mother was 1st ghost in horror movie that I feel so creepy and goosebumps when she started to crawling from the stairs.. lol
@BeannachtOraibh I puked a little
oh no
@littlemaryk baha you should totally do it!!!!!
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