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Can y'all help me again...
So I was on Facebook doin my thing and then I saw BTS
This beautiful man was singing his part and I fell in love with the song

One problem.....

What is the song called????

I have been searching high and low for it but then again I'm not the best at looking but I HAVE BEEN LOOKING!!!! It's one of those vids u see all the time but now that I'm actually looking for it it's not fucking appearing!!!!!!!!
Here is one of the songs I want to know the names of https://instagram.com/p/BEC0mQyoQuI/ And if I find the other I will update this thx again!!!!!!
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it's a Japanese song in their Japanese Wake Up album called I Like It pt.2
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@VickyLe u are an angel sent from the clouds above
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@Izzy987 lol I'm glad I can help 😇
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