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hey guys I need as much help as I can get! First of all I'm planning on getting my bike Anime Decals!!! So I would absolutely love it if you could all help me decide on a decal or even better find some more for my bike! If any of you are curious what my bike looks like it'll also be posted!
second of all I would absolutely love it if any of you can recommend any Motorcycle theme anime's, or mangas!
I feel like one of the darker animes would be a good theme! Like Tokyo Ghoul or Akame Ga Kill!
if i had to pic an anime go with a mainstream one. A ton if people will walk and be like "OH SHIT ATTACK ON TITAN OR DBZ"
It's a good thing I was going for my motorcycle license u should pick 8
HMMM. Have you watched Bakuon or whatever it's called? Airing this season, about girls riding bikes. I would say pick your favorite characters and go from there.
won't regret
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