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It's official. I am packing my bags and moving to Giethoorn.

I always pictured myself living in the Netherlands one day, but I was thinking something more like Amsterdam. But now I've got my eye on a cozy cottage in this "Dutch Venice."

The city doesn't have any roads for cars so the people living there get around with two modes of transportation: their feet, or their boats.

Giethoorn also has over 176 bridges to help cross all the canals!

The residents of the town (which has been around since 1230!!!!!!) have adopted "whisper boats" which are similar to motor boats with silencers.

They make minimal noise!

According to Giethoorn's tourism site: β€œThe loudest sound you can normally hear is the quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds.”

This looks like such a romantic place for a getaway!

So, who is coming with me?

@sophiamor Well, unless you are one of the incredibly lucky ones with fully remote, well paid job, it is always a matter of finding means to live vs choosing a place purely based on it's looks. As for smell, no idea what the dutchies are adding to their canals, but they do not smell and do not have any mosquitoes in them. Anyway, I live nearby so I can check the place for you in few days (just ping me!)
@NotReallyHere woo-hoo! when can we leave?
@buddyesd not if Trump is the President
my bags are packed 😁😁😁
So beautiful! I'd go in a heartbeat if I could.
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