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Croatian makeup artist Tea Flego needed a face to practice on.

Enter: 80 year-old Glam-ma.

(ps, I just saw @jordanhamilton's card about this but thought I'd share more pictures!)

Flego has been working with makeup's magic since she was a kid, and was lucky enough to have a grandma that let her experiment on her face.

Glam-ma also shares Flego's passion for beauty and especially likes getting makeovers done before going back to the nursing home where she live. (Probably because she looks like she should work there, not live there! She's so young!)

Here's what she looks like before:

and after!

Through contouring and a bit of makeup magic, Glam-ma loses decades from her face and looks like a movie star!

The artist says that Glam-ma is enjoying her fame now that the story has gone viral, and plans to keep modeling for her granddaughter.

You go Glam-ma!

(on a side note I pray to God I have a grandchild that can do this for me when I'm old)
I saw @jordanhamilton 's take on this and OMG it's awesome! Loved seeing the transformation.
Lol I literally just saw that part 馃槴馃槴馃槀馃檲 sorry!!
@petname83 yeah its adorable!
@jordanhamilton yeah i tagged you in the beginning - did you see?
I did a card on this as well, she looks great!!!
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