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I remember how you treated me How you made me feel like I was nothing You made me want to apologize for my very existence And the pain that I so charmingly caused you But who was the one to blame The fool who ran after his heart Or the girl who left breadcrumbs to be followed Who is the one who hurt the most The man who turned a blind eye to all the bad And let it eat away until he was nothing but Blood and bones Or the woman who knew it would never work But tried and tried because she couldn't bear To see him cry Who is the one who should move on first The guy who gave his heart to one girl and is still waiting to receive it all back Or the lady who could not give her heart when she herself has no idea how it works The reality is that I have found a new love I cannot give her my everything because I am not complete But I give her the rest of what I have Because she gives me the same And I know it can happen to you I know it can happen to you For you are stronger than I am And although strength alone does not guarantee success It is definitely useful in fighting through The fog and confusion