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I made you a promise To not be one of those memories That would haunt you with the start Of every new conversation But I have much experience in the art Of breaking promises I should show you my resume But just because it happened Does not mean it is right I miss the feeling of us laughing Or even us crying Or even us trying To get through life without dying Because life was deemed worthy to live When you my time I would give And I know it does not matter You have found your way out of misery Or at least that's what it looks like But I know how much it hurts to fake Being ok Almost as much as turning out the light in your room And the light outside doesn't shine through your window And that darkness that you so ever fear Inches closer and closer all around you At least your irrational fears are all made up Your physical pain that you feel in your heart Is similar to mine I rushed into thinking that I was going to lose you And ended up pushing you away instead Another note to add to my resume
I loved the ending of this
@TessStevens Glad you liked it c: