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What will BTS think about this?
Ok so some of you might not like me after this but come on really. I'm sorry to say this but its really embarrassing being an army not because of BTS but because of the fandom. The picture above was taken and people were taking it to seriously that is Hobi's sisters friend and some people were saying that they were dating and crap like that cant he just take a picture??(jungkook) Also what is even more embarrassing is that they had to take the picture down from their social media sights because she was getting really rude comments likes she fake and she got surgery and shes an ordinary looking Korean like????? Really?? Also people were sending her death threats?? Armys we really need to improve our fandom BTS gets hate because of the things some ppl do. I'm not saying everyone is like this but please spread the word and tell ppl to stop being so rude and just accept that not every girl they take a picture with is a slut or they are dating them! So thats just my opinion sorry if I offended any body i just needed to say that.
It is not any of the Army's business what the guys so in their personal life we are the to support them musically. they still deseve to have a life and experience what comes with including love.
theyre just jealous they cant have oppa. like seriously yall?? im an ARMY and stuff like this makes me regret this fandom. youre proving how immature we can be and how hostile we can be towards bts. i hope im not the only sane ARMY out there who agrees with this
It's terrible what some so called fans do....I feel bad for BTS and the poor girl.
wow freakin rude comments and death threats????!!!!! I can't believe this! Do you know how bad this girl must be feeling right now?!?! so rude. you know bts always takes pictures with someone and it doesn't bother anyone but when it's her or like a pretty Korean girl they are like nuuu she's a slur or something no! Disappointed on whoever did that. Do you know BTS right now is probably like wow this is crazy and she's like I shouldn't have done that because people send her damn death threats!!!!!馃檯 disappointed
They're just mad because it's not them!
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