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Jimin & Airam - you The beginning.
"Bye guys! I'm moving out!!" Amy said grabbing her luggage. "What?! W-where... w-when...WHAT?!" Amy's soon to be ex-roomie quetioned with big brown wide eyes, full of confusion. "Airam, breathe." Amy said as she started heading toward the door. "I'm moving in with my boyfriend, silly." Airam started at Amy then pointed to the boy who was sitting in the livingroom watching the scene unfold. "He isn't my boyfriend, he's just a friend." Amy laughed. "And don't worry, I'll still pay this month's rent. Have fun together, bye~" she said before rushing out the door, lettling it slam shut. Airam was completely baffled. She had come home to her two bedroom apartment after a long day at work. She had been at work from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. and arrived home at 7 a.m. When she walked in, all of Amy's things were gone. Airam saw Amy come out of her room with her big pink luggage. Amy was moving out to live with her boyfriend. Airam was so confused, she thought the boy who was in the livingroom was Amy's boyfriend, but turns out they were just friends. If he wasn't her boyfriend then why the hell did he end up living with them for the past 6 months and sleeping with Amy, she thought to herself. Airam sighed, grabbing her throbbing head and turned to stare at the boy who just smiled at her. Sighing again, she went to her bedroom. She was tired, stressed, and confused. She dropped onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. "Ugh~ I pray things don't get more difficult." Airam voiced out loud.
AIRAM's (your) P.O.V. 5:35 p.m. I woke up to the sound of my cell phone ringing. Digging into my pocket, I pulled it out and checked to see who was calling me. I hit the red button when I saw it was someone I didn't like. I looked around my room and saw the time. I couldn't believe I fell asleep and was out for so long. Bored and hungry, I walked out of my room and into the kitchen. I saw the boy, my now and only roommate, was texting away on his phone. It looked like he hadn't moved from the last time I saw him. He caught me staring and smiled at me, even his eyes smiled. I looked away and grabbed an apple, taking a bite. I really didn't know the boy, only that about 6 months ago, Amy brought him home and had him live with us. She never even asked if it was okay with me. I didn't know how old he was or what he does for a living. All I knew was that his name was Jimin and he was Amy's sex friend, WAS. My phone started ringing again, it was the same person who called me earlier so I declined the call again. Just as I was about to pocket my phone, it vibrated. Looking at it, I saw the person sent me a text, three more messages came in. I felt eyes on me so I looked in the direction of the livingroom and saw Jimin staring at me with curiosity in his eyes. I went back to my phone and read the messages that were from my step-brother. First text read: From LOSER > B*TCH DONT IGNOR MA F*CKIN CALLS!!!< > Who da hell ya think u r!?< > I need 5g NOW & HE is on his way to see you< > Dont F*ckin ignor ma calls again got it!< I sighed and texted back. To LOSER > Stupid, who are you calling a B?< > Just because of that I'm not giving you squat.< > Also, learn to spells and NEVER call me again loser.< I rubbed my temples at the amount of text messages I was getting, but I ignored them all and focused on the call thats was coming in, it wasn't from my loser of a step-brother. No, definitely wasn't my step-brother, it was HIM. The one man I cannot ignore, the one man who still had control over me, the one man who was cruel to me, but helped me at times. I Answered.
JIMIN's P.O.V 7:14 a.m. - 6 p.m. I already knew about Amy moving out, she had told me yesterday while Airam was out probably at work. Amy was a friend I made and yes I did sleep with her, but that was only a few times, we had a "friends with benefit" kind of relationship, which was convenient for me. Amy was also the one who asked me if I wanted to move in with her when she found out I was looking for a place that was closer to my work, of course I jumped onto that train when it came, but I didnt know I would also be living with another person until the day I moved in. Airam was pretty, beautiful to be exact, but she was hard to get close to. I knew nothing abouh Airam, except that she is rarely home, has more then one job from what Amy told me, and that she was very smart and quiet. The 6 months that I had been living in the apartment with them, Airam and I only spoken to each other a total of five times and we've only eaten together twice. Airam looked discombobulated when she had came home to find Amy's things gone and that she was moving out, also at the fact that I wasn't Amy's boyfriend. I kind of found her action cute, her wide eyes and mouth partially agape. After the whole Amy's moving out, Airam went into her room and hadn't come out for hours, I was wondering if she was okay, she seemed pale and worn out. I got up and walked towards her room, listening, trying to hear any form of life inside, nothing. I quietly and slowly opened her door and peeked inside. I saw Airam's legs hanging off her bed and the further I stuck my head in, the more of her I saw. She had past out, shoes still on. Poor girl, I thought to myself as I slowy shut her door and walked back to the couch. When I sat down I got a text, checking it, I saw it was from my boss. From BOSS >Was it a success? Report later 2nite via phone. < To BOSS >100% - Understood.< > Momo & Suga will be with me 2nite.< From BOSS > Good.< After replying to my boss, I texted both Momo and Suga, I told them what time to meet up tonight and to be extra quiet, becuase Airam was here and they are to show up once she is asleep. At some point Airam woke up and walked out of her room and into the kitchen, I caught her staring at me, she looked cute with her sleepy face, puffy wide eyes and lips that looked red. She must be running a fever or something, I thought to myself. Her eyes always widen when she was curious about something, interested in something, she also had a habit of puffing her cheeks and pouting. I smiled at her and she looked away grabbing an apple and taking a bite out of it. Cute... I thought. Her phone started ringing, I watched as she pulled it out of her back pocket and check the caller I.D. One of her eyebrow shot straight up and her face went from sleep zombie like to agitated. Right after she declined the call, her phone started having a fit, it kept vibrating as someone attacked her phone with messages, most likely the person who was calling. Airam's face scrunched up, brows knitted together as she read the texts, I was curious to know who it was. She puffed her cheeks out as she responded to the person, occassionally sighing. I wonder if she even knows that she is making a face...heh how cute...wait....why do I keep finding her cute, Jimin stop, focus. I got onto myself, I couldn't lose track of my mission, I needed to stay focus. The person she was texting seemed to have stressed her out because she started rubbing her temples. I was about to ask her if she was okay, but a calling ruined the chance. Her face went blank and her eyes seemed to have glossed over as she looked at her ringing phone, this time she didn't decline, she answered. She glanced at me and I went back to texting pretending to be focused on my phone. I tuned in on her conversation which was quick. "Hello?" a pause "ok." she hung up and walked towards the door grabbing a jacket and putting on her shoes. "Work?" I asked. "No, I'm just going for a walk." she replied without looking at me. "In this weather?" It had started raining and it was also freezing outside. This time she turned her head and looked back at me, a blank expression. An expression that said yes, with that she left. I walked to the window that was in the diningroom and waited for Airam to exit the apartment. It took her 2 minutes to make it outside from the fourth floor. I watched her put her hood on and walk toward a man who wore a suit, his face was covered by his umbrella. They must have been talking because they were standing there for almost 5 minutes. I saw Airam stiffened, she must have not liked whatever the man was telling her and it was obvious he did not like her response because the next thing I knew was Airam being slapped by the man. Airam didn't hit back, nor touch her cheek, she barely moved when she got slapped and I knew the man had to have hit her hard from the look of it. I saw the man reach into his suit and pulled out a big yellow envelope and he handed it to Airam who took it and hid it inside her jacket, protecting it from the rain. I also didn't miss the tattoo on the man's wrist when he was giving her the envelope. Only a few people had that paticular tattoo and they were all in a gang called the Black Dragons. One of the most deadliest and powerful gang in the area. They all had a black serpent like dragon wrapped around the forearm with the head resting inside the palm, the eye right below the thumb. What is Airam doing meeting up with a Black Dragon, I wondered. What I found really strange was that the man she was talking to had another tattoo. It looked like a claw mark and the dragon's eye was red. Only three people I knew had the claw mark and the red eye, Black Dragon's Leader and his two sons. Airam couldn't be a Dragon, but I couldn't be sure either, Airam always wore long sleeves so I could never tell if she had any tattooes, I had seen her hand and I never saw the head of a dragon or claw mark. Airam who are you and what's your connection to my prey?
AIRAM's (your) P.O.V 6 p.m. "Hello?" " I'm outside." "okay." The call ended. I walked towards the door grabbing my jacket, it had started raining at some point while I had been alseep, it was also winter season so it was freezing outside. As I was putting my shoes on Jimin asked me if the call was work, I told him it wasn't and that I was just going for a walk when I was really going outside to meet the man who called me. "In this weather?" Jimin asked, his voice sounding a little strange to me. I looked at him trying to read him, I got nothing. Without answering I left. I lived on the fourth floor, we had an elevator, but I fear the metal cramped box that held you in the air, so I took the stairs practically missing steps as I rushed down while trying not to fall. As I pushed open the doors, cold air rushed past me and water sprinkled my face. I pulled my hood over my head as I step out into the rain and walked up to the man who was waiting for me. He wore a dark blue suit and he shielded himself from the rain with his enormous black embrella. That looks heavy, I thouht to myself. "Dan is pissed that you ignored his call and called him stupid." the man said as soon as I stopped in front of him. I didn't reply. " I really wish for that boy to stop ranting to me and that you would stop provoking him." My left eye twitched due to agravation, but I still didn't reply. "Hana wishes to have lunch, tomorrow, with you." my eye twitched again. " You are to show up." He commanded. My head snapped up. "You want me and the step-monster to be in the same room? No, no way. Plus I have work tomorrow all day. " I finally spoke. I detest my step mother with a burning passion and she hated me as well. "That is not my problem and I didn't come here to argue with you." He said frowning at me. "you are going, end of discussion, and you are to lend your brother the money, as well as completing a mission I am going to give you." His voice rising. "WHAT?! NO! HELL NO. Im not going to to lend Dan money I don't have, nor will I meet that gold-digger slut monkey and end up getting put down!" I was frustrated, dumbfounded by what he was asking me to do. "And I'm done working for y-" I didn't get to finish my sentence as I felt a strong stinging sensation in my cheek from the slap he gave me. His eyes darkened, his lips thinned into a straight line. I had angered my step-father. I lowered my gaze giving in, I was to tired to put up a fight. He reached for something inside his suit, it was an envelope. He handed it to me and I took it, hiding it inside my jacket, making sure it wouldn't get ruined from the rain. Without a word he left and I headed back inside. I sat down at the bottom of the stairs, rubbing my cheek, it was hurting, but I wasn't going to cry over it. My step-father was a man who had a lot of power and he was dangerous, but not towards me. He only ever hits me once every blue moon when I anger him beyond word, when I defy him, but thats all I get is a good hard slap in the face and yelling. Even though I'm 2o years old, he still has some control over me. He loved my mother I know that, it's why he took me in as his daughter and has costudy of me. He even gave me the apartment I'm living in, he owns the building. He helped me get into the college I wanted and occasionally checks up on me. He has a very weird way of showing he cares for me. I sometimes think the reason he does what he does is because I look so much like my mother. Sighing, I got up and walked back up to my apartment. As I walked in, I saw Jimin standing there waiting with is arms crossed. He watched as I took off my soaking wet shoes. His face was full of suspicion. "Airam..." Jimin saying my name made my heart skip a beat and I didn't know why. "Who was that you were talking to?" He asked sounding so casually. "None of your business." I said as I stormed past him and into my room. I didn't like the fact the he was watching me. I locked my door and sat on my floor, pulling out the envelope my step-dad gave me. Opening it up, I saw some paper, money, and a photo inside, I took it all out and read through it. My mission was to find a certain person, someone known as the Death Angel, an assassin, and kill him. I was, also, to spy on the BangTan gang, the bulletproof gang. The photo was the picture of the leader and his second in comman of BT, Sihyuk a.k.a Hitman and Namjoon a.k.a Monster. There wasn't much information, just tha B.T. has been doing deals on my step-dad's territory and killing his employers. Also, this assassin may be working for BangTan and that's a problem for my stepdad and me. I sighed again for the one millionth time today, I don't know how much more I can take, how much longer I can go on for. I put my mission away and went off to shower, ignoring Jimin on the way to the bathoom. Who is this so called Death Angel? I wondered.
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