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Kinky Smut Smutty Smut Foul language Rated M & R Major nose bleed. Enter with a tank of oxygen inhaler and holy water ;P


ReaderXSehun special guest surprise I wanted to kill @ElleHolley so I made her a kinky freaky Smut oneshot hehe. Hope you like it EOMMA!!
Sehun laid you down onto the wooden dance floor as he slide in between your legs, ripping open your white button up work shirt. Sehun smirk as he stick out his rose pink tongue, pressing it down against your bellybutton as he slowly and teasingly licked upwards towards your breast. This brought shivers to you as you lick and bite down onto your bottom lip, making a sizzling sound. Sehun brushed your lips with his fingers as you licked them taking them into your mouth, teasing and showing him what you planed on doing to him. Sehun grin grow wider as he roughly ripped off your black lace bra. He gropes your breast as he flicks your nipple with his tongue. You throw your head back as you took in and enjoyed the feeling of his wet sloppy lips sucked into your breast. "Mmm, you’re so fucking sexy" Sehun tangled his fingers into your hair. "Do you want to play a game (Y/N)? Like last time" Sehun twirled his finger teasingly on your nipple, as he started into your eyes seductively. "Mhmm, anything you want baby" you purred sexily. "Chain me up then and have your way with me master" Sehun whisper defenseless as you crawled over to him. You grab him by his hair as you dragged him towards the door slamming him against it. Sehun grunted as his back hit the door. Sehun grabs you by your arm and pulls you close, wrapping his arms around you and placing his hands on your ass has he smack it and grabs it tightly. You hiss as you loved it rough. "Let’s hurry and head to your apartment" you huffed as Sehun lips locked with yours, all messy and slimy. "Mmm okay let's go hurry put on your shirt." Sehun says still holding onto you. "Mkey let me go baby" you smirked as you broke free of his hold. You rushed over to grab your bra and shirt. You pause, you just realize Sehun had rip off the buttons. You sighed heavily and comb back your hair. Suddenly you feel Sehun put his hoodie on you. He grabs a hold of your hand and drags you out of the studio quickly and to his car. Sehun start up his car and starts to drive at a fast speed. You grin as you just thought of something. You slide your hand over to Sehun thigh and began to rub up and down, then Upper and down. Finally your hand reached his crouch. Sehun eyes wide as you begin to unzip his jeans. Sehun slow down as he reaches a red light, he quickly adjusts himself comfortably. You smirked as you rolled your eyes cockily; you slowly rub the tip with your thumb making Sehun you jolt just a bit. He bits his lips as he watches you tie up your hair into a ponytail. You slowly open your mouth as you lick around his members. Sehun let out a relieving groan. Suddenly a car honks from behind, the light had turned green. Sehun pushed down onto the gas and starts driving. You continued lapping on his member, kissing and licking the top of the head. "uh-mmm" Sehun moan, you smiled deviously as you took in a deep and shallow breath and moist your lips. "You ready?" you asked lustfully, Sehun Nod desperately. You grab a hold of his long thick moist member stoking it slowly. Sehun hummed in a yearn tone. His body trembles as he felt your hot breath against his member. Taking in a deep breath you shut your eyes tightly as your lips wrapped around his rock hard throbbing member. Taking in his member you begin to bob your head up and down in a rhythm. Sehun jaw drop open, his eyes open widely as his body shuddered and quivered. He grabs a hold of your ponytail, you growled as he pulled onto your hair. You began to pick up your paces as pre cum and some saliva drip from the side of your mouth. You slide downwards, sucking and rolling your tongue around his member. Sehun groan and moan, he huff and grunt as you took him in deeper. Finally reaching his distention, Sehun park's his car crook it and messy in front of his apartment. Sehun throw his head back as he rakes his fingers through his hair then he grips onto the back of his seat as you continue deep throating him. Sehun pulls you by your ponytail upwards, removing your redden lips from his member causing it to make a plopping sound. He grasp your chin and tilts it up, as his fingers ghost over your neck and up towards your dark red swollen lips, running his tongue over your lips, as he nip at your bottom lip playfully yet hungrily. Sehun pause, your lips barely touching as you breathe in each other hot air causing you both to get a bit dizzy. Your eyes meet, Sehun eyes begged for your body as your eyes yearn for his touch. Quickly getting out of the car, you rushed over towards Sehun side as he grabs you, lifting you up as you wrapped your legs around his hips. You raked fingers through his silky smooth hair. Sehun hands touching the back of your thighs, as he slowly moves them closer to your sweet spot. Teasingly as he walk up the stairs Sehun teases you as he rubs your P#$% with one hand tucked under and in between your legs. With your hand at the back of his head you grab him by the hair and pulled him in for a hard sloppy kiss. Brushing and crushing your lips together, your teeth nearly clashing, saliva nearly sipping out from the edges of your mouth. Sehun kicks open the door and shutting it with his foot. He lays down onto the kitchen counter roughly but not too rough. He pulls off his shirt, tossing it to the side then yanks off his hoodie off of you dropping it beside him on the ground. You quickly unzip your jeans as he forcefully pulls them off of you. He pulls your legs forward your knees pressed against your perky breast. As he nuzzle his face into your p#$%. He swirls his tongue inside of your hole as he dips it in and out fucking you with his mouth. Sehun slurps up your wetness as he rubs your clit with his two fingers in a circular motion. your body jerked and quivered uncontrollably as his warm hot steamy breath was felt right at your entrance, as he huff every time he dipped his tongue in. "UH fuck yes uha" you cried out as your knees buckled and trembled. "MMM more uh ah Oh yes! Auh! oh God fuck" You cooed wantonly and sinfully, stroking Sehun hair grabbing a hand full you rolled your hips as you press his head against you more. As you nearly started fucking his lips, Sehun lifted you up, your legs over his shoulder as his head stayed in between your thighs. You started to grind and roll your hips, your hands still grabbing him by hair. Sehun muffled some moans. "Mmha i-i-i'm oh shit, uh c-uh-c-ah CCUUMMING!" You hollered tenderly and heatedly. Sehun sit you down onto the table, his face dripping with your cum. He smirks as he wipes some of it off and licks his fingers tasting your flavor, he purred. You jump down onto your feet; your knees a bit weaken as they wobbled. You pushed Sehun into his bedroom dropping him down on to his bed; you quickly open his nightstand drawer and pulling out handcuffs. Sehun arched a brow as he gives you a side grin. You climb on top of him, pinning down his wrist as you cuffed him to the bed. Teasingly you licked his neck, nipping at his collar bone than licking his well built and wide chest. You flicked his nipple just to tease, Sehun bites back a moan as you kissed his chocolate abs. you smile cutely but yours eyes where seducing. You ran towards the fridge and grab some whipped cream and ice cream. Sehun waited desperately and yearningly as his boner started to hurt. You sprayed whip cream all over his chest and down into his member. You began to lick it all over sexily and seductively. You then dripped ice cream down your body as it melted and ran down you pressed your breast onto his mouth where Sehun lick off the ice cream. "(Y/N) let me eat you, let me clean you up baby girl" Sehun husk teasingly. You quickly went and sat on his face as you began to thrust roughly. Delving in his tongue, Sehun tasted every bit of you. He slowly licked his way to your clit as he started playing around with it using the tip of his tongue. "I can't anymore I want you inside of me Sehun" you whined sexually. As you stood up and settled up top of him, Sehun face was wet with sweat. You slowly sink down onto his member; you could feel as he entered you, your inner walls wrap around his member, making them fit perfectly within you, suddenly Sehun Thrust upwards slamming in deep. The tingling feel and satisfying pleasure your body felt at that moment caused you to grunt a loud moan and digging your nails onto his chest. You began to bounce on his member and riding him like a horse. Your ass smacking and jiggling your titties pouncing up and down as you groped them yourself. Sehun holding and pulling onto his chains as he slammed his head back onto the pillow biting his lips as he held back his loud moans "Fuck you’re so moist (Y/N) uh I love how it feel when you ride me" Sehun whispered as he winked. You began to blush and press deeper, you could nearly feel his member really in there. You slowly rolled your hips as you hitched. "mmm fuck I can't" Sehun yank off a handcuffs as he rolls over top of you he slammed and rammed his member inside of your hole making it feel like he was about to tire you up. You wrap your leg around him as he continued. Your body's drench in sweat the room filled with sex aroma. Your loud exotic moans echoed against the walls. The bed creaked as the headboard hit against the wall. Sweaty skin smacking up against each other and the sound of really dripping wet and moistness being smashed in together was made. Your thigh tremble as your lips quivered. "Oh God fuck Jesus fucking Christ Sehun UH UH AH MMM MOTHER FUCKER HARDER" you roared Sehun grab you by your ankles and thrust in and out slamming into you causing your body to jolted up Sehun started quickly thrust in at very fast movement. He gripped onto your thighs as he kept it going you had already cum 6 times and your P@#$ been already sensitive. "Uh shit I'm uh" Sehun started to pound harder but slowly yet roughly. Your back arched as you gripped onto the bed sheets. you both let out a final moan in a unison as he thrust in on last pleasuring, lustfully, sensationally yet painful and enjoyable time as he plod down beside you. "Fuck you’re so amazing" you gasped as you were short of breathe. "You are so fucking beautiful" Sehun kissed you on your forehead embracing you in his arms. You chuckled as you nuzzled your face into his neck. Sehun smiled happily as he gripped onto you more excitedly as you lay peaceful and relaxed on his bed naked, sweaty and stinky as you both quickly fall fast to sleep in each other’s arms. "The end, what do you think?" (Y/N) ask her friend. "I seriously think you need to get laid because you’re a horny ass" she brutally said. You rolled your eyes as you stomp your foot and turn away walking down the school stairs holding your notebook. You turn back to look at your friend and scrunch your nose and stick out your tongue at her. She arch a brow as she point behind you. When you turn around you bump into your high school crush, causing you to nearly fall and dropping your notebook. Sehun catch you as you look into each other eyes you begin to turn red. "Are you okay?" he smiles sweetly at you. You Nod your head speechless and dumbfounded. "Sehun rams his member deeper inside of (Y/N) soft and moist p@#$%, uh she moans lustfully" Ravi read your journal out loud, a bit confused. Your eyes pop open as your face turn red as a tomato. Sehun holding back his laugh he covers his mouth. "Did you write this?" Ravi asked curiously. But you did not reply, you only stared down at the ground shamelessly. "Oh yeah she did, she even did one about you" your best friend hollers. You sat down on a foot step of the stairs and hugged your knees as you hanged your head in embarrassment. "Wow really can I read it" Ravi said excited with a big smile. You suddenly felt a tapping at your shoulder. You slowly lift your head to see Sehun crouched down in front of your and handing you your journal. "Maybe one day we can actually try this things" He winks. "Me too maybe that way you can have a different type of story to write about this time" Ravi smirk as he wraps his arm around Sehun. You gulped and stood up as you watch Ravi and Sehun walk off down the hall. You turn to look at your best friend with a puzzled look on your face. "So like three some or something like that" she mentions. You shrugged then punched her in the arm. "Ow what the hell!" she shouted rubbing her arm. "Hey can you take me to the nurse office please" you quietly said. "Why?" "Because I can't feel my face or body... I think my soul has left me" you said as you suddenly pass out smiling and hugging your notebook. "(y/n)! (Y/n) not again serious" She shook you gently "(Y/N)! come on! why can't you be normal!" " Nurse! she pass out again!"
the end hope you enjoy i love making these type of oneshot they bring me joy xD how many of you can relate xD taglist time!!! Where The Homies at!!! ikonic squad @IsoldaPazo @Sammie99522 @SuperJuniorelf @locoforjiyong @reyestiny93 @resavalencia @johnEvans @vipgirl5 @KAddict @LysetteMartinez @Moose1998 @MrsChoiJunHong @JaiiPanda @janessaakemi @JuanitaBooRiv @amberg171997 @punkpandabear @salo Ma sister @Stephany123 Thunder Squad! @jessicaacosta90 @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @JaiiPanda @Isolate @sarabear1021 @Lexxcisco @ScarletMermaid @Helixx @Nadinerzz @NasiaWright @Cutebabylay @isabellaelliott @Lexxisco @nadinerzz @narutobandgeek @Dianabell Da Homies @KpopMom @AimeeH @JaxomB @Jaysbae13 @SugaOnTop @AmberFranco @LinnyOk @StefaniTre @resavalencia @DianaBell @lilbr0wneyes @MaggieHolm @SugaMint @sarahdarwish @DanaMichelle @kpopandkimchi @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 @Sailynn @Maribelita @aliendestina @YongRaviZiMon @ESwee @CallMeMsDragon @AbbyRamey @Jinislife @XergaB20 @Kiyofugi @KaisPrincess @AmberRelynn @EniorehFrancois @tinafalcon22 @merryjayne13 @OliviaEdwards @KaeliShearer @TaehyungKey @MichelleIbarra @PrincessUnicorn @MrsJungHoseok @UnnieCakesAli @KaitlynHewitt @Astrohelix @gyapittman @DestinaByrd @EmmaJolie @LemonLassie @marisamusic @Sailynn @luna1171 @StefaniTre @SarahVanDorn @EmilyPeacock @janessaakemi @HelenaCrawford @clstap1 @Starbell808 @MaritessSison @MaggieHolm @AliciaJaneth @ILikeHisFace123 @parktaemi @PatriciaS @Jinnyrod3 @narutobandgeek @kpopandkimchi @funnelcakeboo @lilbr0wneyes @maricruzmeza12 @tiffany1922 @aiisson @michievip @carrillojuana @ElishaFisher @MykelHobbs @IsoldaPazo @MomoChamie @JeniseRamos @CheyenneJessee @AmberFranco @lilbr0wneyes @nightshade18 @BridgetJara @Msrayray95 @HerosBells @KarolinaTrevino @Kiyofugi @EmilyCayetano @GodessLuna @Dabaesaplayer @ParkHwaYoung @MarrickeJ33 @resavalencia @JazminePerry @DanaMichelle @AgentVengeance @Sammie99522 @amberg171997 @LizzyRubyCiss @LexiMintkgtopty @bettytolliver @summerblack2 @orchiofriend549 @ammagrande @NaimaJeune @unnieARMkeY @VIPFreak2NE1 @AbbyRoscoe @SummerWhipple @FridaOsorio @jjrockstar @Maribelita @MaeLyn @ChaErica @HayleyEastman @AlexisRiver @resavalencia @leelee12 @KristinaCaron @SaraHanna @MelissaGarza @KpopQueenaBee @Izzy987 @Queen18Ember @leelee12 @tiffany1922 @MariaMontoya1 @sukkyongwanser @KpopMom @Jaysbae13 @pharmgirlerin @KoreanDramaMaMa @PatriciaS @RedChord @SugaOnTop @mrsjeon @MahelySandoval @MsLoyalHeart @VixenViVi @ParkHwaYoung @KristinaCaron @deemonster100 @ChubbyDumpling @BetseyBleau @SindyHernandez @Defy24601 @PatriciaS @namjooniesbae @EmmaJolie @NicoleFireRose @GriseldaZenger @twistedexo @juunnee @LizaNightshade -If I have you tag twice I'm sorry I haven't had time to fix my taglist lol -If you wish to be removed (TTATT) or Add (^///^) to the homie tag list, please comment 'tag me' or 'remove me' thank you! sorry if I have you tag twice, Also if I forgot to tag you, just let me know. enjoy ~(n_n~) ~(n_n)~ (~n_n)~
Sweet jesus, lord have mercy on my soul....😰🔥😰🔥
I wasn't expecting that ending 😂. Threesome? 😆
@ElleHolley there going to be more where that came from eomma *wink wink* Ravi did ask to join xD
@twistedPuppy no Vinny............No.....this is terrible..Omg! @Helixx is making fun of me. saying my Lemonade brings all the Maknaes to the yard
That ending though!! Did not see that coming 😂😂
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