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“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

Disney Weddings has announced a brand-new wedding venue that sits at the end of "Main Street..."

...just in front of Cinderella's castle!!!

Though fairytale fanatics have held weddings at Disney World for years, the Railroad Train Station is the only other allowed setting within Magic Kingdom Park.

So, sort of...meh.

Most of the Disney World wedding halls are located at Epcot (my faaaav) but so far none have let you get close to Cinderella's castle!

Wedding parties can even arrive at the aisle in Cinderella’s coach!

But before you start booking your tickets...ceremonies cost a MINIMUM of $25,000.

Would you want to tie the knot here or do you think its a waste of money?

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@Hatake26 the first reason i thought of was the weather in florida (im a baby when it comes to humidity) hahahaha!
2 years ago·Reply
Total waste of money but I would love to get married there!
2 years ago·Reply
😒 too much money
2 years ago·Reply
save 15,000 and have a normal wedding then use the rest for a home down payment
2 years ago·Reply
its beautiful but very costly.😒
2 years ago·Reply