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I have been a Kpop fan, basically a Korean fan since BigBang debuted in 2006 and I have learned a thing or two that I would like to share to the new generation. Please share as needed. (kinda fun kinda serious) 1) The scandals will NEVER end. I have seen so many that they have became as common as water. Just get a stress ball and take a deep breath. 2) Rumors are almost as common as the scandals but unlike the scandals some of these are true and you WILL learn how to tell the difference whether you like it or not. 3) This might happen already depending on how far deep into Kpop you are but you will run on Korean time during "debut clusters". 4) Without even trying you will go back and forth between knowing everything about your biases life (to a point where you feel bad) and denying that you spent THAT long google searching them. 5) *this is for multi fans* Fan wars will NEVER make sense until it happens to the one group you don't particularlly like. 6) The day will come where the idol group members are YOUNGER than you (it is so depressing trust me I like Astro). 7) You have to face the fact that idols are getting married left and right and you will have a mini heart attack when you realize you didn't go to Korea in time. 8) You hate sasseng fans but kinda wanna know how they get their information (see tip #4). 9) The day comes when Korean idols go to the military (have I mentioned that I am a VIP *sadface* ). 10) On the plus side you can help the next generation like I am helping you please enjoy your enternal stay in Kpop land!
I'm already at the point where groups that I'm into are all younger then me, and I've been into kpop for almost over a year XD (seventeen, astro, romeo) more then likely more in the future XD
very helpful!!/😭😭😫😫😫❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
I very do much enjoy this card it explain and it true their will be idols younger then me whether I like it or not
@ZitaMahoney from what I can see there is none. This is accurate af 😂👍
@zitamahoney 😲😲😲😲😲
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