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This idea of separation Comes with the invasion Of dark thoughts into my thinking station That stay no matter how many times My brain goes into a state of revision I never feared being forgotten Until I experienced forgetting everything And realized how many memories can be lost When you act without thinking of the cost Or go up to a situation with accost And just toss aside the things that matter most For I do not start conversations because I do not Want to be the guy who taught you that people Are bad and should be avoided at all cost I was never afraid of talking to someone Until the day I hurt the one person who didn't Deserve to And yes she stole my heart And ripped it all apart But it was only because of the fact that She herself needed to win back the control That was stolen from her from the villains Of her past mistakes Her only mistake was trying to give What she did not own She tried to express feelings that she did not Believe in She tried to soothe the fire found inside her With the fire of another flame But only ended up stealing each others' oxygen What she does not know is that both flames still Burn with love and passion But with experience comes the consequence Of knowing that pain must be felt in order to Fully enjoy the happiness that is awarded to us I was never afraid of showing others my flame But now I know what it is like to get burned Which has in turn Caused me to yearn For the solitary and churn At the sight of happiness Because I do believe in happy endings Just not for people like me