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So I love food magazines. One of my favorite bloggers of all time - AFAR Magazine's Elizabeth Spiridakis - used to be the creative director of Bon Appetit, a trendy food publication known for its more-beautiful-than-a-double-rainbow pictures of ingredients and dishes from cuisines spanning all around the world.
Lucky Peach, however, is the food magazine that ended up really winning me over. It's more than just a collection of recipes. There's smart articles, great reviews, and most importantly, Deranged Crafts - a section dedicated to edible-but-weird DIYs.

Needless to say, this is where I found the recipe for Pear Bunny Salad. Has eating healthy ever been THIS cute?

Want to make this salad yourself? Here is what you'll need:

🐰 Mixed greens
🐰 Black peppercorns, for the bunny eyes
🐰 Sliced almonds, for the bunny ears
🐰 1 can halved pears in syrup, for the bunny bodies
🐰 Cottage cheese, for the bunny tails
🐰 Baby carrots (because bunnies get hungry too, right?)
Once you have all of the ingredients ready, you can grab Deranged Craft's step-by-step recipe by clicking here.

Have you ever seen a salad this cute before?

Feel free to share what you like to do to make healthy eating a little less boring, and for more delicious diet-friendly recipes, check out my Meatless Mondays collection.