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2.5 cups ice cold water 1.5 cups coffee grounds I used a mason jar. I added 1 cup cold water to the coffee grounds. Stir it gently. Slowly add remaining 1.5 cups cold water, stirring the grounds as little as possible. I covered the jar and turned it over. Let steep at room temperature for 12 hours. Strain the coffee grounds through a coffee filter. I did a little bit at a time. Store the concentrate in refrigerator for up to two weeks. I mix one part coffee concentrate with 1 part almond milk and 2 parts water. I add ice and creamer, along with a little bit of sugar and put it in the blender. Delicious Frozen Coffee! Enjoy
Thanks @beeonka! I will try to share some this weekend.
ahh cool! I have to try this out later :3 do you have any other drink recipes?
Yes, that's a picture of my mason jar filled with iced coffee. I found another recipe, this is my version. :)
sounds simple! have you made it before?