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This French Bulldog's MRI Is Strange Yet Fascinating.

So someone on Reddit posted a hilarious series of MRI scans of their friend's pet French bulldog.

First, the fact this guy owns a French bulldog named Barry White is equal parts adorable and hilarious. Secondly, you guys need to see these scans. You just need to.

Who knew French bulldogs were part-dog, part alien?

And check out the width of that skull. Damn.

His eyes kind of look like two pimento olives.

So am I the only one that was seriously dying over this?

Please tell me I wasn't. Even if you have to lie.

Lol I was more weirded out...the last one looks like a slug to me tho
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these where kinda aweso.e
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@LmJSuper LMAO It kind of does now that you mention it...
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@VeronicaArtino Right? I'd love to see x-rays of all the different breeds.
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That was fken hilarious 馃槀 lol XD
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