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Get Well Soon Jungkook
It must be irritating to not be able to perform but don't rush yourself for us. Take your time and get healthy my love.
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hope u have a full recovery!! take your time healing up and savor your freedom. get well soonπŸ˜™β€βœ¨
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I HOPE JUNGKOOK GETS WELL SOON! ( I Know he will cause he's the Golden Maknae) HWIGHTING OPPA!! @Sunnydaebak
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Jungkook get well!
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😑😑😑😑 STUPID FLU. HOW DARE YOU. Kookie is none of your business! Meanie >:( I hope you leave Kookie soon so he can feel better! I hope he heals quickly ;3; don't rush it Kookie~
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