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Jin His smile at 1:53 kills me. My baby is doing so well!
Hobi Stop it Hobi, your killer smile is going to get me in trouble with Jin. Also keep your jacket on, you taking it off all bad boy like is my weakness!
Yoongi Stop being adorable, 1:34 was just too adorable. Also I spotted a Suga tummy around the 40 sec mark haha
Namjoon His face is super serious throughout the whole video but when he does the "drunk" dance he looks so cute! Is it just me or does his legs look extra long here? I have a thing for long legs haha
Tae You need to control that tongue of yours son. I like how he can go from cutesy to intensely trying to wreck my bias list.
Jimin His thighs are another weakness of mine haha He needs to control his tongue too. BTS has a problem with keeping their tongues in their mouths haha 1:34 is where he try's to act sly.
Jungkook He's just so cute. I've tried to put him higher in my bias list but maybe because he's so much younger than me that I can't haha but he does try real hard to break from that. His thighs as well are a weakness of mine though haha
Regardless everyone in BTS makes me weak haha They all have some type of trait that makes me fall head over heels for them. My favorite has to be Jin (I'm Jin biased if you can't tell haha) but also because it's so hard to find good fan cams of him and to have this "professionally" filmed makes me super happy. I loved them all but I get to see my babe better haha Tell me who your favorite was! And tag your BTS buddies <3
See you guys next time! Ps I suck at the whole tagging a bunch of people cause I don't really make cards often so I still don't really understand how to do it haha Also I will be making a card soon about my Day and Night version albums I got, I've just been really busy at work. I promise!
At this moment my favorite is Suga, but they all make me crazy! But Jin in al black with blonde hair ๐Ÿ˜ and these boys really need to tone down their tongue usage it's killing me...
@merryjayne13 Suga wrecks my bias list daily but Jin is strong. He can handle it haha
Also I found out you can only do gifs through a computer? So I'll fix that last gif when I get home haha