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Chapter 8 ************* I wasn't for sure of what he meant until we entered his room. It was twice the size of a normal master bedroom. There was a walk in closet and a bathroom. His bed was made neatly of dark red and black sheets. There was a nice chandelier hanging from the ceiling. "Bed now" he command making his voice shiver down my spine. I didn't say anything just moved. I sat down on the bed and watched him roam around his room looking for something. When he pulled out a black box, I was curious to what was inside. Setting the box down on the bed. He stood infront of me with a smirk. "As a servant or slave to his ir her Master. The Master is able to to punish if it is necessary. Do you know what you did to be punished?" He asked me. I nod as he narrowed his eyes at me. I gulped "Yes Master" I said in a weak voice. He reached out for my shirt and ripped from my body, leaving me shocked in my bra and jeans. "What is it that your being punished for?" He asked kneeling down. My hands were shaking as I looked down at my lap. I was trying to make sure that my voice wouldn't crack but before I could say anything. My cheeks were in a death grip of Master N hands. "My eyes are here not on your lap. Now tell me what you are being punished for?" He growled between his teeth. I looked straight into his eyes. "For letting my hands down." I said in a weak voice again. I could see him clenching his teeth and I knew he was pissed off at me. Before I could even blink my eyes, I already had my pants and and panties off and bent over Master N knee. "I'm giving you a last chance to say why you are being punish. If you hesitate or say anything in a weak voice, you will be spanked. Do I make myself clear?" He said in a low firm voice in my ear. "Yes Master N" I said giving my best try to keep my voice from not being weak. "Now tell me what are you being punished for?" he asked. "I let my hands down, Master N." I said in a steady voice. I was relieved that I could tell him what I did wrong without being spanked. "Were you a bad girl?" "Yes Master" "Do you know what happens to girls who are bad?" "They get punished Master" He pulled me up and threw me on the bed. He opened the box and took out things that I wasn't for sure of what they are. Once getting a good look at them. I saw the item was hand cuffs. He wrapped it around a pole on the headboard. Taking my wrist in his hands he cuffs my hands in the hand cuffs. His fingers glided across every curve of my body. Looking me in the eyes he smirked. "Shall we begin?" He asked as I took a deep breathe. Being in this position and having him over me made my heart beat faster. The tingling feeling of his touch was vibrating through my skin. It made my body respond to him. Bitting my bottom lip as his tongue, lips and fingers worked their magic across my body. I moaned at every little tease of pleasure he gave me. "Master" I moaned an airy moan as I tugged on the cuffs. Master N was leaving kisses on my inner thighs and one on my clit before nipping at it softly. I gasped as it sent me over the edge of sensation. It left me wanting more. "Please Master" I plead. He looked up at me with his devilish smirk. "Please what?" He asked lightly as he knew what I really wanted. I wanted him to give me the satisfaction of sex. "Please Master take me" I begged. He smirked. "Of course my little one" he said pecking my lips and working his way inside me. I felt myself tight around his dick as he stared to make thrust movement into me. Arching my back and holding onto the chains to the hand cuffs I moaned. I can hear his pants in my ear as the thrust got faster and harder. He punctured his teeth into my neck, licking the blood that was spilling out. He gave one last thrust and had us both cum. Pulling himself out of me, made me feel naked. My wrist were uncuffed and he pulled me close to him so he could wrap his arms around me. "Sleep tight, Little One."
N I always knew there was something off about you!!!😂😂
.... well damn.... my poor innocent soul ( puhaha innocent where?) my heart jumped
lemme check if my heart is beatinhg *checks heart* ITS NOT! @CrystalV
this...... has......... slayed me
I've been a bad girl too. I need to be punished....
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