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So im planning I'm going to K-con LA this year and im so confused on everything! This would be my first and last Kpop concert so i really really want to go. :) Questions: 1) How and where and how can i buy tickets? 2) Can i buy tickets for just the performance? 3) To get in ( general admission ) do you have to buy another ticket? or do you pay at the entrence? 4). The exact dates for Kcon LA (people keep telling me different days) 5) Do the performers perfom on different days? or all one day for both days? If you guys could help me out i would really appreciate it! ^_^
sorry. no clue here
Thank you guys so much!! ♡ @PriscillaRios @minimanim3
when you get the combo pack you get admission to both days of the concerts and the convention. and the days are July 29-31. as for the concert days I don't really know. I hope I helped. :)
kcon la is in august 4-5 (idk exactly, but its for sure in august). prices for la might be different though. for ny it starts at $50 just for the concert but combo tickets are the concert and the convention ($70) hope that helped but i cant be completely right. again, this is all for kcon ny
the tickets have a selling day on the website. you can buy individual tickets for the concerts I believe on ticket master. as for when they preform I don't really know from what I found it could be random or their could be a schedule.
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