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my friend sent me this in class I dropped my phone and I was hyperventilating and panicking like MY HUBBY LIKE NO WHAT LIKE PLEASE REST WELL I CAN'T I JUST WANNA TAKE CARE OF HIM!!!!! I hate being this far away like just no I want him to rest up and get better quickly like please here just give me the sickness I'll bare it for him I don't want him to be sick I hate it I want him to be well. 사랑해 Jungkook♡ now I'm going to go control my emotions best I can
He should be fine, but the doctor wanted to keep him longer so they can monitor him. we all know that if he was released after the diagnosis he would have started practicing again
@SeventeenBias brb crying
he got the flu and ended up hospitalized cause he didn't rest, 😂 sounds just like kooki.
He has the flu 😭😭
@SeventeenBias I wish he would take it easy I'm glad the doctor kept him longer so he can take a break and have time to rest aish this pabo needs to take it easy but can't blame him I do the same but still