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Cool Secret About the Wakandan Language!

Turns out it's actually real!

There's a reason you can't find Wakanda on a map: It's imaginary. Marvel made it up, just like vibranium and supersoldiers. But Joe Russo shared that the language used in Civil War by T'Challa and T'Chaka is actually Xhosa, a real language spoken by 7.8 million people in South Africa alone. β€œJohn Kani, the actor who plays T’Challa’s father in the movie, speaks the language and taught it to Chadwick." (via). Pretty nifty!
I'm really looking forward to watching Civil War! I was hoping to see it this past Saturday, but I got kidnapped and taken to dinner instead.
That's pretty cool!
ugh this man is the reason I almost went team iron man. during the move
I wanna see the movie but I'm so broke right now it's not even funny
So many degrees of awesome!
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