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Cool Secret About the Wakandan Language!

Turns out it's actually real!

There's a reason you can't find Wakanda on a map: It's imaginary. Marvel made it up, just like vibranium and supersoldiers. But Joe Russo shared that the language used in Civil War by T'Challa and T'Chaka is actually Xhosa, a real language spoken by 7.8 million people in South Africa alone. “John Kani, the actor who plays T’Challa’s father in the movie, speaks the language and taught it to Chadwick." (via). Pretty nifty!
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So many degrees of awesome!
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I'm really looking forward to watching Civil War! I was hoping to see it this past Saturday, but I got kidnapped and taken to dinner instead.
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I wanna see the movie but I'm so broke right now it's not even funny
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ugh this man is the reason I almost went team iron man. during the move
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That's pretty cool!
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