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Univision released a video about Afro-Boricua superhero created by Puerto Rican illustator Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez. I am totally excited for this character because she is definitely someone I can closely relate to!
1) She's Puerto Rican
2) She's Afro-Latina
3) And there's a couple of pieces about her that's totally me. And I am wondering if the illustrator used me as an inspiration haha. ;)
According to The Washington Post, La Borinqueña has the powers of nature like hurricanes, the sea, and the sun. She also protects Puerto Rico from natural disasters. Her greatest power, Miranda-Rodriguez says, will be showing Puerto Ricans — those on the island and in the United States — that the power to make Puerto Rico better lies within them as much as it does inside of her.

Anyway, La Borinqueña (whose real name is Marisol Ríos de la Luz) will be the guest of honor at the Puerto Rican Day Parade this year in New York City, June 12th.

Thanks for sharing this post, I am so excited about this announcement.