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as you all know ......my favorite group of bias wrecking life ruining babies are coming back.........well they are playing no games this comeback and they are out to kill like no tomorrow

so sit back relax and try not to die.


don't let this little baby fool you....at all


since the very beginning when I got into monstaX this one right here has been trying to ruin things left and right.... it was slow at first but lately he's out to kill with his adorable ways and I can't handle it haha


this baby.....who even gave him permission to do this.... you are supposed to be my little baby and here you are being sooo damn rude ...why my heart wasn't equipped for this at all


here he is .....reminding me why the hell I love this group and why he was one of the first I fell for before I realized the whole group was perfect. .....not cool shownu ....not cool...next time you plan on being all sexy and what not....warn me in advance


my innocent little angel.....why must you be soo perfect all the time. ...seriously can't even be mad at you because you are too much for life


stop trying to ruin my life and you need to remain my little innocent fashion baby forever so please stop. .


more like wonhoe.....this dude right here. ...has been soo damn rude and disrespectful since I got into the group....snatched me from shownu ......wrecked my bias list .....swerved so fast out of his lane like no tomorrow then has the nerve to do this.....why....why in the world is this man not locked away my heart can't handle his adorable yet extremely sexy ways ....it's just too much for life man way too much and idk how much more of this I can take wonhoe. . ......I mean don't stop anything please just warn me or tone it down because my hearts gonna implode